Well, that’s the 2020 Formula 1 season over. This year has been spectacular in such a different way than usual. In the midst of a year full of loss, isolation and sadness – the return of F1 and other motorsport brought a sense of normality and lifted spirits back into the lives of many fans.

With a 4 month delay to the start of the season, fans were desperate to see cars back on track and get the season into full swing. With the added pressure of triple headers, 3 new destinations and 1 new track layout at Bahrain. Honestly? I was ready to kiss this season goodbye and wasn’t expecting any kind of racing to return – but thankfully it did and it’s been one of my favourite seasons!

So, why has this season been so special? The 13 different podium sitters and 5 different race winners? We took to twitter to ask your favourite moments both on and off track from the 2020 F1 Season.

“Pierre Gasly. P1. Monza”

“Mick giving one of his fathers helmets to Lewis in Germany for matching his win record”

“Perez’s win followed by Stroll’s pole!”

“Lewis crossing the line to win at Silverstone with a puncture or at Turkey to seal title number 7” @laurence_1999

“The McLaren podiums were special”

“Without a doubt reading in the press that we (McLaren) might struggle a bit more than in 2019 and then leaving the first race with a podium!”

“Knowing that Romain Grosjean was safe after that scary accident.”

“George Russel vs Valtteri Bottas in Sakhir”

I think for me, my highlight of the season has to be (not surprising really) McLaren securing 3rd in the 2020 Constructors Championship! It’s safe to say it has definitely been a fair few years since we were in the top three for the constructors, in 2017 we finished 9th.. NINTH.
The growth from this team just gives me butterflies, it is unbelievable. I’m not really sure what my expectations were at the beginning of this season – but to end the year with two podiums and 12 finishes within the top 5.. well. I am one very happy McLaren fan.

Stepping away from my Papaya filled heart, I think my favourite moment has to be hearing “Pierre Gasly wins the Italian Grand Prix”, it still gives me goose bumps and was just one of those hair raising F1 moments I think I’ll remember for the rest of my life. The race in general was chaotic and exciting, and to hold off Carlos Sainz and win by 0.4 seconds was just mind blowing. Not only that, but Pierre is extremely talented and I’m not sure he was treated completely fairly with the demotion at Red Bull. To build his confidence back up and come back fighting – the win was truly deserved.

Personally, my highlight of the season was seeing Romain Grosjean walking away from that horrendous accident. Watching it live was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, instantly I thought the worst. Seeing him come out of the car and then knowing he walked away with minor injuries – considering the accident, was the best thing to see. The safety of our sport is so impressive, from the halo to how quickly the safety car reacted to the incident and everyone in-between. They are all an absolute credit to the sport.

Likewise seeing Pierre win in Monza, with the most eventful race in years, was a truly thrilling GP. A year before he had just lost his closest friend Antoine Hubert to a crash in F2, so the podium was so emotional for that reason and something I will remember for a long time. Daniel getting his first (and Cyril tattoo bound) podium was also a personal highlight as it was his first podium for Renault and the teams first since 2011, so for me that was amazing to watch even if he forgot to do the shoey on the podium and I lost my voice from screaming at the TV!

We also want to take a moment to thank you all for the support you’ve given us since starting our blog this year, we wish you all a merry Christmas and fingers crossed a very happy new year.. see you in 2021!


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