Did you know? Leila Lombardi is the only female driver to score points in F1, she gained a half point in the Spanish GP in 1975!

Now we have you interested, we’re going to introduce two more females who have a pure love for all things motorsport and we promise to not make this introduction sound like a Tinder Dating profile.

Name: Charley Louise
Age: 25
My Team: McLaren
Fan Since: 2012 properly, but since I was a child really, I’d always sit with my dad and watch the races, especially the one with “the cars in the gardens” – which was me talking about the famous Monaco GP.
Most Memorable F1 Moment: Jenson Button, Canada 2011
Other Motorsport I’m Into: F2, F3, FE and IndyCar
Why: In all honesty, I suggested starting a blog with Aimee due to being put into lockdown and on furlough. However, it gives me an opportunity to pour some of my creativeness into a different kind of outlet and combines two of my passions – motorsport and writing.

Name: Aimee
Age: 20, nearly 21
My Driver: Daniel Ricciardo
Fan Since: 2011 when I couldn’t find the TV remote and gave up trying to find it.. ended up watching the F1 which was on BBC at the time and the rest is history. I’m the first person in my family to like F1!
Most Memorable F1 Moment: Nico Rosberg, World Champion in 2016
Other Motorsport I’m Into: F2 and F3
Why? With lockdown 2.0, I needed something to fill my time – I’m also furloughed and wanted to do something F1 related! I thought doing a blog with Charley would be the perfect thing, this will be a good platform to talk all things motorsport which I never stop doing, my work colleagues call me “the crazy F1 intern!”

As a duo, we will be providing content for motorsport fans to keep you (and us!) entertained throughout lockdown and beyond! We aim to keep our posts happy, fun and positive – and having two of us provides two very differing opinions within the sport we all love.

Hope you enjoy!


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