Hiya, I’m Adelaid and the editor for Grid Talk. I’ve only just recently found a passion for F1 through a friend in 2020, and now I can’t get enough of it! If I get the chance, I’ll watch every Practice, Quali & Race, and usually that means staying up until 4 or 5am to do so! I’m one of the only people in my close circle of friends and family that watch F1, so I end up talking to people on the internet about it instead! Since becoming a fan of F1, my love has grown for motorsport and I tend to catch other races when I can, or even trying my hand at a sim race or two.

When I’m not watching F1, I’m usually working my ‘day job’ as a social media manager, videographer & editor or competing in Pole Vault. I have never attended a race, but have always heard the F1 down the road during a race weekend as I am from Melbourne, Australia. I look forward to hopefully attending my first race in 2021 and cheering on my favourite team McLaren with my favourite drivers Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo!

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