Hey, I’m Aimee, I am 21 years old and currently studying business management at university. I’m the co-founder and a writer for Grid Talk. I’ve been a fan of F1 for ten years, it started when i couldn’t find the TV remote and the rest was history. Daniel Ricciardo is my favourite driver and he has been for around eight years, but Sebastian Vettel was the real reason that I got into Formula 1.

I attended my first race at Spa in 2014, my Dad took me as a birthday present. The first ever F1 car I saw on track was the Marussia, with Jules Bianchi driving – my face was a picture. From this trip, Spa became my favourite track and I have gone back there three times since. There is just something about an F1 weekend which makes you feel so at home. Watching the sport you love in person and being surrounded by others who share that passion, there is no feeling like it. My Formula 1 dream is to take a year out and attend the entire race calendar, but for now, getting to a race in the next two years will do.

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