Hi! My name is Nell, I’m a writer for Grid Talk! I’m 22 years old and a MA Public Policy graduate. I grew up watching my Grandad watching Formula 1 and his love for the sport has been passed down to me. I still watch every race with him and absolutely love it, it’s my favourite part of the week! My love for F1 has now grown to F2/3 and Formula E and my family often joke that they can never find me because I’m always watching sport on TV.

My favourite part of the weekend has to be qualifying because it’s so exciting and you can never predict the result. I love the races too (of course), especially when they’re completely mixed-up like in Monza in 2020, and you get a new winner or podium sitter. I’ve sadly not been able to go to a race yet but will be going as soon as we’re allowed! For now, I can’t wait to share my love for the sport with everyone virtually!

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