ABB FIA Formula E is a single seater racing series, composed of twelve teams with two cars each – this equals to 24 drivers in total, some of which include ex Formula 1 drivers. They race around the track for a total of 45 minutes plus one lap, and the first driver to cross the finish line – wins! Easy right?

So, why is Formula E considered to be a “lesser” series of motorsport? I’ve heard plenty of reasons why people won’t give Formula E a go, but it generally boils down to two main issues. These are, that the sound of the cars and that the electric engines are not fast enough, however..

The future is electric.

After being a fan of Formula 1 for many years, I really wanted to start branching out into different racing series, I already watched F2 and F3 so a friend suggested Formula E – and I fell in love. The series is so underrated and I really feel it deserves more credit, more people talking about it so.. here are my reasons why I think you should be watching Formula E.

All of the 24 Gen 2 cars are powered by electricity, the series acts as a platform to put newly developed technology to the test with an extra competitive edge. Each car has a base power of 250kW and a top speed of 280km/h. The knowledge gained from the race track will go into developing better electric road cars for the future.

Formula E gives you wheel to wheel action in every race, with the added help of Attack Mode. This provides an extra 25 kilowatt power boost by going away from the racing lane and driving through the specific zone – this can mean giving up a little bit of lap time or sometimes even a position to collect the power boost, however most of the time – it does pay off!

Formula E is the only event in the world that lets fans play an active role in the outcome of the race, this is through Fanboost. The audience vote for their favourite drivers online or through hashtags on Twitter and the five drivers who come out on top will receive a significant boost of energy. This has had mixed reviews from viewers, claiming that it is just an unfair popularity contest, however, I think that it’s a really nice way to keep the audience involved with the sport.

Okay, i’m going to be honest with you here – yes, the sound is so much different to what you would expect and the first time you watch you will wonder where on earth that high pitched screech is coming from. Many people are drawn to motorsport to hear the sounds of roaring engines and Formula E, well, is definitely not that. However, it really isn’t enough to put you off the incredible racing that unfolds at every track.

Formula E turns streets into unforgiving race tracks, in some beautiful cities around the world. I already know what you’re thinking.. “Street circuits? Boring! No overtaking!” Well, you would be wrong. Surprisingly, these circuits definitely do not leave the races short of overtaking. The courses are narrow, which is why it makes it even more exciting that 24 cars are able to race around them. You can always count on some drama which is why the results can be super unpredictable.

I really would urge anyone who hasn’t watched a race to do so and please let us know what you think! Formula E have all their races archived on their website. Practice Sessions, Qualifying and the Race are all available to watch for free on the Formula E Youtube page or BBC iPlayer. The next race is scheduled on Saturday 10th April in Rome – give it a watch, I promise you won’t regret it.


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