Dominant. Blisteringly quick. Burning desire for victory. Truly gifted.

These are just a few words to describe Lewis Hamilton, one of, if not the greatest driver of all time. On Sunday 15th November 2020, amongst an extraordinary F1 season, Lewis became a 7 time world champion. With a unparalleled drive in difficult conditions, he won his 94th race at the Turkish Grand Prix. If you’re a fan of the sport, I truly believe you should take this moment to reflect on how lucky we are to be witnessing F1 history be re-written.

We asked a few Lewis Hamilton fans to share their favourite memories, their reactions to the 7th title win or just simply why they believe he is the greatest driver of all time.

“For me, Lewis has not only cemented himself as one of, if not the greatest driver this sport’s ever seen, but we’ve seen him become a remarkable human being in the process. He takes this sport to places it’s never been, represents in ways we’ve never seen before and shines brighter than any star that’s come before it. From 2007 when he debuted and came so close to glory at the first attempt, I knew we were seeing someone special, but to rewrite every record is remarkable. Not only that, the fact he’s been one of just a few athletes who’s been unafraid to use his privilege of a massive platform to genuinely make the world a better place, and make the sport just a little bit more accessible for who comes next. We’re very lucky to have Lewis at the peak of our sport, and I’m not sure we’ll ever have one like him again.” – @Harrison101HD

“Personally, Lewis has had a great impact on my life, a good one. I think my first memory of him was when I started supporting him. The interest in another driver got me watching Formula 1 and I don’t really know what exactly in me was like ”I’m going to start supporting Lewis now’ but here we are. I bought a cap, it was the 2016 Mexico Grand Prix edition and it was my first piece of merch from him. The rest is history. The impact he’s had on me so far is massive. He taught me not to give up, to chase my dreams and also to make the most out of life. It isn’t always rainbows and sunshine but he has taught me to see through the dark clouds and hope for better days. When struggling with mental health, the positive take he has on life inspires me. I’m so honoured to see him driving, to see him writing history and I’m amazed at what he’s achieving. He’s a legend already and I hope he’s nowhere near finished and I get to see him perform for a few more years.” – @forrmulares

“From the Fuji win in 2007, to the one in Istanbul in 2020. My relationship with F1 and Lewis Hamilton has been a rollercoaster ride. I saw my favourite sportsperson win the 2008 World Championship. Following that title, which felt like a payback for what happened the previous year, we went through a five year desert crossing. I stood there with him, through thick and thin. I witnessed his wins, his losses, his mistakes, his learnings curves, his growth. I saw him become the most complete driver, the speed, the race craft, the composure, the race management, the bravery, determination, the work ethic and team spirit. He has evolved in all aspects which a racing driver must excel in, and is today the best driver on the grid and arguably one of – if not – the greatest driver of all time. Most importantly, I saw Lewis becoming an exemplary man. A man of convictions, a role model who fights for what he believes is right, especially social inequality and injustice in all forms. Ultimately, through sheer talent, hard work and tireless dedication, Lewis Hamilton has risen above the brightest of all Formula 1 stars. I wish him many more years of brilliance at the head of the sport. Long live the King!” – @sidneylandslam

“When you ask people what immediately comes to mind about Lewis Hamilton, they are now likely to speak of his unprecedented dominance that has seen him beat Michael’s win, pole and podium record, alongside matching the championship record, which now ultimately leaves him as the statistically greatest driver of all time. They will not give a second thought about his less successful seasons. They might even say he is lucky or is a driver that has had to face little adversity in his career and has had the luxury of the best equipment throughout. Put this to his biggest and longest-term fans however and it will be met with a frosty reception. The memories of winnable championships that have been lost such as 2010 and 2012 are still raw and the simple fact is it has not been all plain sailing. To me personally, the moment he crossed the line in Abu Dhabi 2014 was a moment of sheer relief and redemption after feeling he might never win a championship again, despite clearly being the most talented driver on the grid in my mind. That feeling hurt, and it kept occurring time and time again. So to now see him rewriting the history books and cementing his legacy as a British sporting legend means so much to me. And most importantly, what makes it even more special is the fact he’s doing it while receiving copious amounts of unwarranted criticism and abuse, for simply doing it his way, and being himself. He keeps rising above it all.” – @F1_Jordan

“Lewis is an inspirational young man. He has achieved so much and broken a fair few records in his time of driving. Winning the race this weekend was a challenge. Mercedes didn’t have it easy in qualifying as both cars were not feeling the track. However, come Sunday, Lewis drove superbly. He was challenged throughout and that is when he drives at his best. To take his 7th title this weekend was ‘HAMazing’, I had goose bumps and tears listening to the emotions heard over the team radio from him. It was raw and pure, straight from the heart. I have been Team LH since his first days in F1 and his confidence and charm won my heart. – @loopylarner

Hearing the passion and dedication from fans is something that makes this sport so special, Lewis has certainly made a huge impact on the lives of fans and is a great role model for every youngster to follow. Congratulations, Champ.


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