Day 3 of the winter break. Life is dark, cold and miserable. Times I’ve listened to Brian Tyler’s F1 Theme on Spotify: 50, in fact, I’ve already shouted “It’s lights out and away we go” outside Tesco’s, their traffic light system is a real treat to motorsport fans.

Our 2020 Champion has been crowned, copious amounts of champagne has been sprayed (or drunk, we don’t judge) and the teams and drivers head home for a well deserved break. For many people, it leaves an empty feeling in the pit of their stomachs. Non motorsport fans just don’t understand, but if we want to avoid being the talk of the town for swerving all over the road whilst trying to warm up our tyres, we need to find a way to survive the winter break.
Here are my five tips and tricks to get us through.

Number 1
Monaco 1988, Canada 2011, Brazil 2008 – just a few classic races that if you haven’t watched already, you should. With over 1000 World Championship races to see, why not go back and indulge in the classic moments of F1?

Number 2
Missing the hilarious moments on and off the track? Many of the teams have YouTube channels with behind the scenes footage from Race Weekends or silly (but very entertaining) challenges that their drivers have taken part in. There are also many YouTube channels dedicated to Motorsport which provide a wide range of content to keep you entertained for hours.

Number 3
Grab some pals, get on your consoles and play some F1 2020 – if Video Games are your thing of course. During the first Lockdown, I spent an embarrassing amount of hours perfecting my skills in order to beat my friends; got to have that competitive edge. F1 2020 also has a new feature called MyTeam, your own completely customisable team to put onto the grid and build up from scratch.

Number 4
This year has been extraordinary for many, many reasons. Plans were cancelled which for numerous fans meant their already booked Grand Prix’s were refunded or rolled over to next year. However for me, since the Winter Break started, planning GP’s for next year has already helped my F1 Blues.
Tip: if you do book anything make sure you check the policies, with the uncertainty surrounding Covid you don’t want to lose money as well as being unable to attend the Grand Prix.

Number 5
..and if that all fails, make some McLaren brownies and sit in the corner and cry about how much you miss F1.


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