The start of the season is creeping up on us, with only six days to go until lights out at Bahrain, and with new cars – come new liveries. I honestly don’t think there is anything better than a really beautiful Formula 1 Car, so here I am rating each of the 2021 F1 Liveries from their first release and after seeing them on track.

McLaren MCL35M
McLaren launched their car on the 15th February with an online event hosted at the MTC, the reveal was highly anticipated by many – especially with it being the first car reveal of the season. It.. was the same. Almost identical to the 2020 design, the car was just as beautiful now as it was last season. Of course, if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it right? Unlike a lot of people, I actually really love the matte finish. It was something I was praying that they wouldn’t get rid of, it does something to the papaya that only love heart emojis can describe.After seeing the car on track, I would give it the same rating because well, in case you weren’t aware.. It’s the same. I still love it.

Launch Rating: 8/10
On Track Rating: 8/10

Mercedes W12
You know when you were younger and you did egg and spoon races? The feeling of disappointment for getting so close to the finish line and then, the egg drops. This is the only analogy I could think of to sum up my feelings about the Mercedes car and I’m still trying to come to grips with it. For real though, last year’s Mercedes was one of my favourite liveries of all time and I can’t believe how much the AMG Logos at the back just change the look completely.I love the thought of incorporating the silver back into the livery, and I did see much cleaner and more subtle ways of doing this on Twitter, but this just wasn’t it. However, once the car got onto the track, It didn’t look as bad as originally thought – but it pains me to say, definitely not a favourite.

Launch Rating: 3.5/10
On Track Rating: 5.5/10

Haas VF-21
Haas revealed their car on the 4th March, to some very mixed reviews. Most that I’ve seen have been negative. The politics behind the car, obviously downgrade it more than the actual design of the livery does, so to judge this fairly – i’ve based this rating off just the livery. It’s not a favourite, but nor do I hate it, aside from the obvious reasons.Seeing it at testing didn’t change my mind much, although it definitely looks better from the side than the front. I guess I just can’t let go of the obvious Russian Flag plastered over the only American F1 teams car.

Launch Rating: 2/10
On Track Rating: 2/10

AlphaTauri AT02
The second car launch of the season belonged to AlphaTauri, now this may be a bit of an unpopular opinion but I really wasn’t too keen on the 2020 Alpha – something about it just didn’t click for me. This year’s car looks so much more sleek, the extra blue which has been extended right down the nose is amazing, I also think the white rims are a surprising factor which gives the car a much more complete look.My only criticism is the random pinstripe above the white at the bottom, was it needed? Not really, but does it affect the overall beauty of the car? Not at all! After seeing it on track, it got bumped down slightly – not because it didn’t look as gorgeous but just because other cars took the limelight!

Launch Rating: 9.5/10
On Track Rating: 9/10

Williams FW43B
I bet you were waiting for this one right? The launch came, I took one look at the car and thought ‘what have they done’, I really didn’t like it at first. It took a lot of convincing from a friend and seeing it on track in Bahrain for me to actually quite like it. It’s very bold from Williams, but I kind of like that.My only criticism would be that the lighter shade of blue, probably shouldn’t be there. I love the dark blue and orangey-yellow colour scheme they started at the front of the car, maybe they should’ve kept with that a little more. Overall, don’t hate it.

Launch Rating: 4/10
On Track Rating: 6.5/10

Aston Martin AMR21
Wow. Beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. Is it okay to marry a car? Asking for a friend..
Yes, this car was so hyped, it was the car that every F1 fan was just tauntingly waiting to see, but in my opinion that hype was completely justified. I am obsessed. The metallic ‘British Racing Green’ is just incredible and is a fantastic way of honouring tradition. The car has received mixed reviews, some saying its ‘too safe’ and a bit plain, but I think it’s perfect. The pink stripe was incorporated really well, I never knew those two colours could work so well.Seeing the car in a sandstorm, under the lights, or in normal daytime lighting – it’s still just as beautiful. It made my question my loyalty to McLaren, my social media has now become an AMR21 Fan Account.

Launch Rating: 10/10
On Track Rating: 10/10

Red Bull RB16B
The definition of a classic is “a work of art of recognised and established value” and that perfectly describes the Red Bull livery. What else is there to say? Yes, it’s the same but does it need to change? The colour scheme which has pretty much stayed the same for 5 years, but I do believe that it’s looking its prettiest that it has, the white honda logo on the rear wing is a really nice addition.My ratings may seem a little low, but for a livery that has been the same for a few years I think it has fared quite well! It’s also changed from seeing it on track, but again – only because other cars have found their way into my heart.

Launch Rating: 8.5/10
On Track Rating: 7.5/10

Alfa Romeo C41
Alfa Romeo launched their car on the 22nd February this year, after being the first team to announce their launch date. I’m going to step back and take the boos because I don’t dislike the 2021 Livery of Alfa Romeo, but it’s certainly not my favourite. It is definitely better than last seasons, and it deserves the hype it has been getting, it’s just not for me. Although, why they didn’t slap that Uno Reverse card down in the first place is a real mystery.Seeing the car on track didn’t change my mind, I still like it but just don’t love it. If i was going to change one thing, it would be that i think there is too much white on the nose. From the front, the car just doesn’t excite me.

Launch Rating: 8.5/10
On Track Rating: 8.5/10

Ferrari SF21
You know earlier we talked about how if it’s not broken, don’t fix it? I wish Ferrari had chosen to follow this advice. It’s red, obviously and I do quite like that they are trying to incorporate the burgundy design from their special edition 1000th Grand Prix at Mugello, although they could’ve maybe blended it into the red rather than just a block of colour at the back of the car.Now, let’s talk about the snot green Mission Winnow logo on the car. I’m confused, I hate it but when it was on track it didn’t look that bad and anyway, it has been said that it won’t appear on the car for some of the races so, is it something to be that mad about? Probably not.

Launch Rating: 5/10
On Track Rating: 6.5/10

Alpine A521
Can I get a round of applause for this absolute beauty of a car? Like honestly, well done Alpine! When the rebranding of Renault was announced, I was quite skeptical on what the car would look like – especially since blue is becoming a F1 livery favourite at the moment but I cannot fault the design of this car. The metallic light blue is simply stunning and the red just blends so nicely with the flow of the car.It was my third favourite though, but after seeing it on track in Bahrain, especially under the lights, it took one leap forward into the number 2 spot on my list.

Launch Rating: 9/10
On Track Rating: 9.5/10

In terms of liveries, I wasn’t expecting much of a change in them considering the development freezes and the new regulations due to come in 2022, but I was pleasantly surprised with most of them! One thing is for sure though, no matter what they look like – I just can’t wait for lights out in Bahrain.

Charley x


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