2020 threw us into uncharted territory with a completely new calendar, with some tracks we hadn’t been in a long time, and this season we still have replacement tracks due to the travel restrictions caused by Covid. So, I thought, what would be my dream calendar to have? So here are my picks for a 20 race season.


Starting the season off in Bahrain as we did in 2021 was what a start it was. I love this track as it has everything a modern f1 track should have! Long straights for DRS, breaking zones where drivers can send it, corners drivers can go side by side, YES PLEASE! We’ve had some superb races in recent years, and back in 2014, Hamilton and Rosberg had an almighty battle in the desert, making this the perfect starting track to kick off my dream calendar.


Sepang is probably one of the tracks I think I miss the most in recent years. Sepang was great for battles with iconic 2 straights that go round the grandstands. For me, this track also reminds me of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull era.


This may not be a favourite for everyone, but I really enjoy China! Maybe because it’s one of the tracks I quite like on F1 2020 as it’s one of my better ones, but I think it throws something different into the calendar vs the other tracks.

The Netherlands

Even though we still haven’t seen Zandvoort in action yet, playing it on F1 2020 makes me really excited for it later in the season. It’s an old-style track that will punish drivers when they make mistakes. I think qualifying will be amazing here, too, as it’s tough, and not to mention the Dutch atmosphere will be amazing, meaning it’s a must for me!


Valencia is my choice of the track as I think there should be a Spanish GP as Circuit de Catalunya, on the whole, isn’t the most action-packed race. There is a lot of love out in Spain, with, of course, Alonso and Sainz really driving the love for the sport out there. The last race in Valencia was in 2012 and was won by Alonso! Unfortunately, the F1 track is now abandoned, so that we won’t be seeing any time soon…


The last 2 races at Portimao did not disappoint! The rollercoaster effect of the track brings such a unique feel to it. Drivers also love this track which is exactly what we like to watch as a viewer! Not to mention Portimao isn’t a bad holiday destination either!


Monaco stays on the calendar for the Glitz and the Glamour. It may not be the best track due to little overtakes, but qualifying is one if not, the best to watch. Strategy can be fascinating to watch here, too, so for nerds like me, Monaco can be great! And that I have a dream to watch the GP on a yacht to live my best life, but we don’t need to mention I got my invite rejected when a guy found out I am a Liverpool fan, swiftly moving on.


I love Baku! I think it’s the best street track in terms of racing, and Baku loves to bring the spice!! The race in 2017 lives rent-free, and if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you do. On top of this, Baku normally provides us with some beauties of radio clips.


Canada’s weather is somewhat unpredictable, which is fabulous! It provided us with the race of the century in 2011 and good for growing the North American following, too, so it’s on my calendar!


Austria is one of my favourite tracks and always one I really look forward to. More recently, it has provided some epic racing up and down the grid, especially in 2020. Not to mention the scenery is amazing!

Great Britain

So I may be biased here as a Brit, but Silverstone has to be on the calendar! There is so much heritage to Formula 1 in the UK, with the most successful driver of all time in Lewis Hamilton and the extremely popular Lando Norris and George Russell, with a British atmosphere; it’s just a must! Maggots and Becketts is an amazing set of corners, too, a great asset to the calendar.


Hungary is a solid track in the calendar, providing solid races year on year, especially the first corner, allowing drivers to “send it”, as Danny Ric would say! Really great fan track to being in the middle of Budapest, being one of the cheapest tracks to go to!


Do I need to say anymore? This is absolutely my favourite track ever! I’ve been 4 times, and I can’t stress enough how I think every F1 fan should go if they have the opportunity. Eau Rouge is just the most beautiful corner with the track in the most scenic place in Belgium. I will stop fangirling now, but I LOVE SPA!


How we have a 4-time German World Champion and a Schumacher back in F1 and no German GP?! It’s just a crime against F1! In my opinion, there just has to be, and my choice is the Nürburgring. We went here in 2020, and it is a better track than Hockenheim. There is so much love in Germany for the sport, and with so much success with German Drivers and Mercedes, there needs to be a German GP!


Monza is a dream of mine to visit! The power of Tifosi is just something I would love to experience as their passion and excitement is a joy to watch! Monza also creates great races, with 2020 being a favourite of last season. The drama of qualifying to the overtakes down to DRS all adds to this fantastic race and the best podium too!


I have to include Singapore! The night race just brings something so special, especially in qualifying. How difficult it is for the drivers in terms of humidity brings another layer into showing who’s a good driver and who’s a great driver.


One thing I love about Suzuka is the fans! Japanese fans have so much passion for the sport, which is amazing to watch, and it will be great to see the reception Yuki Tsnouda gets at his home track. It’s a really demanding track showing off drivers’ skills which I enjoy.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but COTA is really up there for me in terms of favourite tracks. I really look forward to coming here every year, and it is great fun on F1 2020. I love Miami as a destination for a track, but so far, I’m not convinced about the layout of the track just yet.


I love the grandstand section on the track. It really brings a unique feel to this race and better interaction with fans. Overall, the track is good for racing, and a fan favourite, making it a penultimate track.


Finally, the showdown must be in Interlagos. I think it would be a much better end to a season allowing drivers to actual race rather than it being an anti-climax to end the season, with Brazil 2008 showing why it should be the last race of the season. Even in recent years, the racing has been superb, with no one forgetting the 2019 podium or Max Verstappen nearly squaring up to Estaban Ocon a few years ago. Can you tell I like drama!!

Some notable tracks are missing out, but I think this 20 race season would be amazing in terms of great racing! Let me know what you think!

The 2021 F1, F2 and F3 calendars were released on Tuesday morning which is usually a highlight for motorsport fans as they are start to make plans to book races for the upcoming year and finally get back to the track. This year however, was a little bit different. With many fans disappointed in the choice of tracks for next year, especially, and with good reason, the newly added Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Many fans have criticsed F1 for the decision to race in Saudi Arabia, somewhere which is known for violating human rights. Racing here goes completely against their current initivative, “We Race As One” which was formed to tackle inclusivity and diversity and, we agree. It seems as though money truly does talk, rights out – and away we go!

This aside, we took to twitter with a poll to ask you whether the calendars for next year were a big YAY or a NAY. It seems as though motorsport fans are bit divided, with 43% voting no, 38% voting yes and the remainder didn’t mind. The comments however provided an over-arching theme in line with the tracks, and the amount of races. Some comments include –

“This year has shown they can be more creative with the calendar to provide excitement and unpredictability”
“After visit some classics in 2020, 2021 returns to the money.. and 23 races will be a toll on the teams”
“Too many races, having this many just makes the value of each race lower”

In terms of the F2 and F3 calendars, fans were split between YAY, NAY and DONT MIND, but some comments from the polls asked for the format to stay the same with both series racing on the same weekend or the number of tracks were disappointing and lacking in momentum.

However, some big news that came on Thursday was that W Series announced a partnership with Formula 1, meaning their calendar will include eight F1 support races. This takes a big step towards inclusivity for Women In Motorsport and a huge opportunity for exposure for female racers.

Charley’s Thoughts:
Apart from the obvious stated above, I’m a little bit torn in relation to the F1 Calendar. I think compared to the Covid Calendar of 2020, it leaves me disappointed that it took a global pandemic for us to get back to some incredible tracks. Not only that, but I fear that 23 races is just too ambitious when it comes to everyone behind the scenes, the strain of being away from their families for weeks at a time and added stresses may have an effect on their health and wellbeing. Is it worth it? Absolutely not.
Ahh, the Formula 2 calendar. In all honesty, I am absolutely devastated. I understand that the changes coming to F2 are to help curve their expenses which means less venues, but 3 street circuits? No Spa? Zandvoort? The only races which have saved it are Monza and Silverstone. For F3, I am actually really happy! A handful of some good tracks. I’m happy to see Austria, Hungary and Austin. It’s the kind of Calendar that F2 should’ve had. Not salty. At all.

Aimee’s Thoughts:
This year we were absolutely spoilt with the tracks we visited! Especially Mugello and Portimao, tracks we don’t normally visit. Going back to the normal calendar, for me brings back the thoughts of normality, that so many of us are dreaming of. I’m excited to see what will replace Hanoi too. With Spain being the race after I would love the possibility of Portimao. Although there is one thing that has thrown me off – Monza has been pushed back a week! Personally, I love going from Spa to Monza in September. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it more with the triple header – Zandvoort will be an amazing track especially with the Orange Army atmosphere. Unlike Charley, I actually really like the F2 and F3 calendars. They are definitely going to lower the price for competitors, and I like the idea of them being on opposite weekends. I know some people aren’t fans of F2 calendar but it is the step up from F3 so they should get the harder tracks like Monaco and Baku as that where you will see the real talent of the drivers. F3 has a beautiful schedule with fan favourites like Austria.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the Calendars for next year!

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